AlgoMech Festival 2019 - Playground Rituals Workshop

Thanks to the AlgoMech team for putting on a brilliant festival in May. I enjoyed putting on this workshop with a great group of participants at Access Space and its given me lots to think about for further developing my ideas.

In this workshop we explored how the algorithms that govern games can be transformed into musical pieces. I mapped the rules and possible outcomes of games onto graphic and instructional scores, which we used to create new musical pieces during the workshop.  

Dragonfly .jpg
Playground 1.jpg

The number-based procedure of Hopscotch gave rise to a human step sequencer, brought to life with percussion, party hooters, bells and whistles.  

By exploring the choreography of the feet in Elastics (or Chinese Jump Rope), I generated number sequences which we used to map patterns of interaction and movement across the workshop space. The participants also created duo pieces by applying their own rules to graphical patterns and number sequences. I loved seeing the mix of ideas they came up with!

Through the classic Rock, Paper, Scissors algorithm we also explored how we might make a piece out of a competitive game, assigning sounds and actions to the variable actions and results of this game. 

Thanks to everyone who came along!