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From AlgoMech to Algo/Mesh -- pushing the strange art of partying forward, through algorithms and mechanisms.

Club night with Algorave and friends
£8 + booking fee
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8pm-2am, Sat 18 May 2019

32 Cambridge Street, Sheffield, S1 4HP

Thor Magnusson is a musician who likes to write music and musical instruments with code. Preferably live. He also likes to write about music, and recently a book called "Sonic Writing” was published by Bloomsbury Academic. He thinks and talks about music at the University of Sussex and makes music and other stuff as a member of the Experimental Music Technologies Lab.

Helen Papaioannou is a baritone/alto saxophonist and composer. She has a fascination with the dynamics of group interaction, and often works with game strategies in her collaborations. Her new solo project Halli Phron intertwines baritone/alto sax with electronics, and she is one half of the duo Garlic Hug, who combine found tapes, fields recordings, splintered beats, synth-sax skronk and interrupted drones.