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Garlic Hug at 'Hatch presents...'

  • Jabbarwocky Sheffield S2 4NA UK (map)

Hatch is going on vacaycay for ONE NIGHT ONLY - to bring you this absolutely monsterous gig including some of the finest in noisy, experimental and forward thinking bands around. We'll be spending our short holiday in Jabeerwocky on London Road.

Petronn Sphene - Solo project of Gretchen from Guttersnipe. Warped electronic rave sounds in a blender from a legendary performer..

Slaylor Moon - 'Queer, spooky, and dislocated electronic abstraction assembled from the disparate substrates of early 2000s experimental electronic music, old school rave, 70s industrial, no wave, and noise rock.'

Nape Neck - New post-punk band featuring Bobby of Gutternsnipe and 2 thirds of Beards. 'Callously acerbic guitars punch holes through the rotating drum of asymmetric rhythm machinery'.

Garlic Hug - 'Splintered beats & garlic drones. Skronky sax-synth duets & hocket hiccups. Found tapes & field recordings.'

Naisian - legendary Sheffield sludge band on their second return, wild and slab-like noise and riff.

Dearthworms - Sickly punk band from Hatch.