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Guttersnipe, Roman Nose & Helen Papaioannou

  • Jaberwocky 308-310 London Road, S2 4NA Sheffield (map)

Leeds duo wielding guitar, drums, electronics and voice to unleash brutal rainbow abstraction, smothering the Rock idiom in hyperaccelerated bioluminescent hysteria! Formed in 2014 with the initial aim of marrying the dislocated rhythms of no-wave and noise rock to the batshit insane solos from "Reek of Putrifaction" by Carcass and churning it out with the intensity of extreme free-jazz and punk. Guttersnipe have slowly developed into a brutalist power duo, hucking absurdist yelps and electro shock riffs across a skree of Moiré-ing patterns with the time dial set to 'loose'. The result is simultaneously uplifting and terrifying. Their debut LP 'My Mother The Vent' was released on Upset The Rhythm records towards the end of last year and was #4 in The Wire magazine's end of year chart.

'The most exact rationalisation of fifty years of vernacular underground music practices - free jazz, improvised music, punkish tape sprawl, fourth world psych-folk, noise and an entirely new world unto itself, rendering all cultural referents moot." Stuart Arnot, Total Vermin
"the ethos of Roman Nose is one of creative destruction […] a chorus of reed and electronic drones recalling ceremonial Japanese gagaku […] a ceremony for the summoning of a demon […] abrupt, dissonant harmonies struck by the bass and reeds capturing the spine-chilling quality of a Ligeti string quartet […] brutal and frenetic.” Andrew Trayford, Now Then Magazine
Debut LP came out right at the end of 2018 on Singing Knives / Humane Pyramid. Available here:

A baritone/alto saxophonist and composer with a fascination with games and strategies for group interaction. Recent solo work intertwines baritone sax with sequenced sampled synths, playing with incessant, metronomic pulses and lines. She is one half of Garlic Hug, and has played as a member of the bands Beauty Pageant, HOKKETT, and PonPon.

£5 suggested donation to cover artist travel etc.
3pm start.