New Piece for Ligeti Quartet

I’m excite to take part in a workshop with the Ligeti Quartet at the end of April, for which I’m developing sketches for a new composition. This workshop features as part of the launch for University of Sheffield’s Centre for New Music (CeNMaS) and the Sound Agendas conference between 27-29thApril.

After this first workshop I’ll be completing the piece in time for a final workshop and performance from the Ligeti Quartet in Autumn.

The composition explores the idea of a sonic strobe, with the sounds of the quartet turning ‘on and off’ according to rhythmic cycles and patterns. A glissando runs through the part of each player, tracing different textures and directions which the performers continue to imagine internally during silent moments.

My sketches explore different balances between silence and sound; I’m interested to see how the musicians independently imagine sound during silent passages, before converging again as a quartet. Other passages emphasise collective, unison rhythm, with the music flickering on and off.

Finding a simple way to notate this piece has been a challenge, but I’m nearly there, and looking forward to taking this further with the performers during the workshop...