Zeta Potential: Premiere at hcmf

I recently returned home from my second session with Amsterdam's Nieuw Ensemble where we trialled and workshopped my new composition Zeta Potential. I'm currently fine-tuning the work after an intense weekend of work with this fantastic group, and I'll be finalising it in the coming week. Looking forward to the premiere in November! http://www.hcmf.co.uk/event/show/315

Zeta Potential is a calculation which measures the stability of semi-fluid/semi-solid substances; it indicates the potential for the material to remain in its present state. My piece traces a constant flux between stable and unstable textures, framed around cycles of growing and decaying musical patterns which undergo constant transformation. Within this, the bonds and relationships between the performers also break down and regroup, fluctuating between conventional time signatures and various cueing strategies within the ensemble.