I deliver workshops in a variety of settings, and welcome expressions of interest from partners and collaborators.

Past Workshops

RAL Space and Cornerstone Arts Centre 

I had great fun working with astrophysicist Chris Pearson, as we collaboratively designed and delivered workshops in Oxfordshire primary schools. We combined musical activities and games with a scientific exploration of the solar system, with inflatable planets, a human orrery, rhythm games and body percussion. As well as learning about our own solar system, the children created their very own exoplanets.


These exoplanets became the inspiration for the children’s original compositions, which they collaboratively composed in groups of threes and fours. I then created a new piece, Oxfordshire Exoplanets, made up entirely from recordings of the children’s compositions. With so much great music to choose from, I had a lot of fun selecting sounds, patterns and rhythms from the children’s work. I tried to keep a flavour of both the musical and planetary landscapes that the groups came up with. You might catch some of the names of these planets throughout the piece…

This project was supported by Cornerstone Arts Centre


More workshop info coming soon!