New Solo Set

I’ve recently been working on a live solo set, which I’m excited to present for the first time this November at the Daylight Music series in association with EFG London Jazz Festival.

Solo set.jpg

Working with sampled synths and my baritone saxophone, I play with incessant repetitions of pulses and scales which rise and fall. While at times I blend my sax together with the synth samples, other moments draw on the contrast between these sounds sources.

I’ve also been exploring the sense of a duo between myself and the sampled material, as I – optimistically –  aim to keep up with the metric precision of the MIDI sequencer, and the level of continuity in the sound of highly repetitive synth parts. I’ve been enjoying the challenge of drawing out intensity from simple patterns or pulses, exploring prolonged states of repetition and slowly creeping evolutions.

I’ll be joining Sigbjørn Apeland and Danalogue at Union Chapel, London, on 17th November.