Call for Performers

I am currently putting together a group of performers for a concert at LSO St. Luke’s next May/June, as part of LSO’s Soundhub scheme. I’ll be creating a series of compositions which explore ideas of gameplay and rhythmic interaction, for which we'll be trying out various types of notation. This will begin with some exploratory sessions between October to December, for the group to get to know each other and to start developing some ideas for the performance.

My recent work has often used the idea of continually transforming rhythms as a departure point for composition; evolving repetitions create a web of shifting textures and rhythmic relationships between performers, often in game-like scenarios.

One strand of this project at St. Luke’s will involve developing a graphic score for a group of 5-10 players. The score will be explored as a network of various cueing systems which set in motion frenetic streams of mutating patterns.

I’ll also be working on a piece for 1-4 players using a mix of notational methods including stave notation and loop-based graphic scores. These will be based around individuals and will focus on different types of rhythmic interplay and pattern-based music, within game-like frameworks. These sessions will take place around every 2-3 weeks, and are a chance to try out some material and different approaches. From January onwards these pieces will be developed towards performance.

Any instruments (acoustic/electronics/digital) welcome! If you’re interested, drop me an email at Please circulate to anyone who might be interested.