LSO Soundhub Ensemble- Rehearsals begin!

We’re underway with rehearsals for the Soundhub showcase on 28thJune!

I’ve composed a duo for percussionists and a piece for our 9-piece ensemble of percussion x 2, trumpet, bass guitar, piano, synthesizer x 2, voice and violin. Both of these pieces use various types of scoring to shift and re-orientate the group dynamic and means of rhythmic coordination.

For the 9-piece ensemble, the players weave in and out of stomping patterns, graphic scores and game-like cueing strategies. I’m delighted to be working with performers Renzo Spiteri, Michael Speers, Marcus Somerville, Alonso Garrigues Muñoz, Katerina Perdikomati, Mārtiņš Baumanis, Della Angelina, Mela Boev & Laurel S. Pardue.

Renzo Spiteri and Michael Speers will be performing the percussion duo for metallic instruments, ranging from delicate chime patterns to industrial clattering. The duo will play a series of short games which explore cooperative-competitive rhythmic relationships and interdependent cueing systems.